Bookmakers Supported By Autobetting.

NOTE: Before you make a deposit, we HIGHLY recommend to open a Skrill account.

It makes the whole process of funding and withdrawing significantly faster, easier and cheaper for you.

Recommended bookmakers for United States.

Not from United States? Please select your country here:

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Top 3 bookmakers in United States supported by Autobetting:

  1. Dafabet
  2. AsianOdds API - Register and bet through 6 bookmakers with just one account. 100% automatically through Autobetting.

    • Pinnacle Sports
    • SBOBet
    • MaxBet
    • SingBet
    • BetISN
    • Galaxybet

All available bookmakers in Autobetting.

* Only through the AsianOdds API.

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Some more tips.

There are some things you might want to know about bookmakers / betting exchanges in order to maximize your profitability.

Verify your accounts

Bookmakers are happy to accept your money, but they need to verify your identity before allowing you to withdraw. This is done because of anti money-laundering regulations. What does it mean to you? It's a good idea to verify your identity (send your ID, driving license and a document verifying your location) as soon as you can.

Round your stakes

Bookmakers have the right to close accounts of anyone. They do it only to people who they suspect are arbitrage bettors. Normal bettors don't bet highly specific numbers such as 147,42€ or 79.26€. You should bet only round stakes. Most people would bet 150€ and 80€ respectively. It is a good idea to round your stakes to as high number as possible to avoid detection.

You can also use your account balance to your advantage. If you have let's say 128,70€, it is completely normal to bet 28,70€, or even 8,70€. A lot of people do that, so if you are smart, you can use these combinations effectively.

We have implemented effective risk-management solutions explained in Autobetting Guide.