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How it works?

Betting on sports is risky. No matter the strategy, you will likely lose. Not with Autobetting!

We've created a program that will help you bet on all sides of a match with different bookmakers. All bookmakers have different odds, allowing you to make a nice profit betting on all sides.
If you don't understand betting, check out our guide we've prepared for you.

Let's start with an example:
If you bet on a simple match where either home team or away team wins, you are guaranteed to win one stake and lose another.

The trick is, the winning bet (+1020€ or +1010€) will be larger than the total stake (-1000€) making you a risk-free profit of 10€-20€. Take a look at the illustration below:

How much can you make?

The average rate of return with Autobetting is roughly 5-10% per month, increasing as your knowledge and skill increases. Thanks to the power of compounding, you earn progressively more every month.

After a year of arbing, you could earn ~, or return on investment.

The information provided is for illustration purposes only. Your performance may vary.

Reasons why sports arbitrage works.


Every bookmaker tries to compete by providing best odds.


The difference between odds is so good, you can make a risk-free profit by betting on all sides.


Our software will do all the hard calculations, and assist you with placing a bet.

Important features.

Ease of use.

This is the easiest to use arbing software on the planet. We've spent an enormous amount of time automating as many tasks as possible, ensuring the user the best experience possible.

High profitability.

Our program smartly uses your account balance to maximize your winnings, and allows you to round your stakes to be profitable in both the short-term and long-term.

Data security.

We take security very seriously. Our software will never send your sensitive data to our servers. All of your data is stored locally on your machine, and is heavily encrypted with state-of-the-art 128-bit AES encryption.

High customizability.

We built the software around the user, and considering everyone is different and has different needs, a huge amount of controls can be configured to your likings.

Advanced algorithms.

Intelligent arb filtering.

In sports arbitrage, there are quite a lot of things that can go wrong while placing a bet. Our software has a smart filter that eliminates majority of those problems, decreasing risk by a huge margin.

Smart bet calculation.

The software uses a sophisticated algorithm that maximizes usage of your funds. On start, it will check the balance of your bookmaker's accounts, and use it to maximize capital used for the arb, maximizing profit.

Advanced risk management.

The bookmakers sometimes change the odds during placing the bets, which is the biggest risk in sports arbitrage. Our software has a SafeBet technology that automatically finds odds that are close to the previous odd, minimizing potential losses.

Why Autobetting exists.

I found out about sports arbitrage a while ago, but all of the existing programs are everything but user-friendly. Two years ago, I had teamed with Jacob to make the sports arbitrage as easy, and automated as possible. Martin, Founder & CEO at Sitlok LLC.
This project is an oppurtunity of a lifetime. I was fascinated by the idea of very low-risk investing. Having an extensive programming background, I immediately accepted the offer, and started working on it full-time. Jacob, CTO at Sitlok LLC.
Learn why we've created Autobetting

Setting the right expectations.

We are offering you help in your journey to create additional income. We will teach you arbitrage trading, give you data and an easy-to-use platform.

The actual trading will be done only by you. Don't worry, we will teach you how to be consistently profitable in our guide.

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