How Arbitrage Software Can Help You.

Written 23.2.2018

Everything is becoming more expensive and not just because of the obvious - inflation. Things such as College tuition, Childcare, Healthcare, food & beverage, as well as Housing have substantially risen in price over the past 10 years. According to Helen Olen, "Housing, health care, and education cost the average family 75 percent of their discretionary income in the 2000s. The comparable figure in 1973: 50 percent."

People are having to work multiple jobs, more so now than ever. It takes a lot for lower to middle- class families to break even in the modern day, let alone go out for dinners, go on holidays or buy new clothes every few months. People are finding themselves in worlds of debt. For most people, it seems there is no end or solution. How does one make extra money without having to work more than one job?

It’s 2018, technology is advancing swiftly, which means more and more people have the infrastructure to work remotely. The challenge with this is that these types of jobs are mainly offered to the more ‘qualified’ or ‘experienced’ individual. We’ve got a solution. Arbitrage trading. It sounds way more complicated than it is.

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What is Arbitrage Trading?

To put it into layman’s terms, Arbitrage is purchasing and selling something at the same time and making a profit off the difference in price on two separate markets. It is making a trade and profiting off it by exploiting the difference in price of identical or similar financial tools on different markets or in different structures. Arbitrage came about because of market inefficiencies.

A simple example:

The stock of company X is trading at £15 on the New York Stock Exchange and at the same time, it is trading at £15,07 on the London Stock Exchange. An Arber would buy the stock from the NYSE and sell the same shares immediately on the LSE and make themselves a profit of 7 cents. Get it now? The problem now lies in the fact that you probably don’t have the time to watch stocks all day, do you?

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Is it viable for you to consider arbitrage trading?

If you’re looking for an alternative income, this is most certainly a viable option for you. Traders often use software programs to pick up on arbitrage opportunities. This is done through automation and there are three distinct types:

This is the type of software for traders who are not comfortable with a programme automatically making trades on their behalf. It still scans the markets for opportunities on the trader's behalf, but when an opportunity is detected it alerts the trader and then the trader makes the final decision on whether to go ahead or not.

This is for the ‘hands-off’ type trader. The Arber subscribes to a remote alert service – this allows them the service of getting arbitrage alerts in the same way if they were to use their own software, except this is done on a network other than own.

This is the kind of software that instantly detects and calculates an opportunity. It’s loaded onto the Arber’s trading platform and once an opportunity is detected, it initiates the trades on the Arber’s behalf.


Sports Arbitrage through Autobetting:

This is a unique style of Arbitrage for people who want to earn a passive income with minor risk. The average rate of return with Autobetting is roughly 5-10% a month, increasing as your knowledge and skill increases. Thanks to the power of compounding, you earn progressively more every month. We have been hard at work, creating a program that will help individuals bet on all sides of a match with different bookmakers. All bookmakers have different odds, allowing you to make a nice profit betting on all sides. If you don't understand betting, check out our guide we've prepared for you.

It’s free and will give you a valuable introduction to Sports Arbitrage.

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