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Autobetting guide.

Before you start.

Before using the software, you to create multiple betting accounts. We recommend at least 5. You can read about our favourite bookmakers/betting exchanges in our bookmaker section.

First, we recommend opening a Skrill wallet. It makes the whole process of funding and withdrawing faster, easier and cheaper for you.

Next step is to fund the betting accounts accordingly. Below there are some recommendations:


Verification means uploading your ID or driving license to verify your name and nationality. Some bookmakers require also a utility bill to prove your location. This is done because of anti money-laundering regulations. Don't worry, you have to do this only once per account.

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Setting up the software.

After you open and sign into Autobetting, it will look similar to this:

Our software delivers arbitrages tailored to your needs. For that however, it needs some basic information. To fill them, go to Settings > Edit bookmaker information (or press Ctrl+B):

You should now see a window with a list of all supported bookmakers. There are some things you should know:

You should then fill out the Username and Password fields on your selected bookmakers.

Note about automation.

Bookmakers that are partially automated mean that the program can log you into your bookmaker account. This is to save your time opening many bookmakers. With partially automated bookmakers it will also check for your account balance, saving you from doing it manually.

Important note about automation!

Before the program can log you into your account and check your account balance, you need to do this first: On the right side, click on a button with this icon: . There, you should click on "Verify login information" button.

In a short while, you should see a browser window opening and the program will automatically log you in, and will update your account balance. If everything went smoothly, you should be able to see a colored checkmark on the right side of the bookmaker's name.

Account balances

For each bookmaker you have selected, you should type in your account balance.

Of course, only if you haven't filled your login information on a partially automated bookmaker.

You need your account balance, because the program's algorithms need it to calculate exactly how much you can make from arbitrages.

Note about multi-currency betting.

Autobetting supports multi-currency betting. Make sure to change the account currency to the correct one (check the section below). The default currency in Autobetting is EUR, and if you want to change it, go to Set Default > Currency and click the one you primarily use. If you have a bookmaker using a different currency, Autobetting will convert the account balance.

Bookmaker Menu

We've designed Autobetting to have a plenty of options to make your experience tailored specifically to your needs.

To change some of the options in the Bookmaker list, simply click on the button with this icon: . You should see something similar to this image:

Maximum stakes

Risk management is important when arbing. That's why we've implemented this section.

The first two settings will limit your maximum stake to the smaller amount. For example if you have £1000, and set your maximum bet percentage to 75% (£750) and maximum stake to £400, the lower one will be used.

The rounding property will be used to round your stakes to the nearest number you provide. This is done to prevent bookmaker detection, as some bookmakers dislike arbers. By rounding your stakes to a nice number, you give them no reason to close or restrict your account. Set this property proportionally to your account balance (e.g. set rounding to £0.50 if you have £50 account balance or to £5 if you have £500).

Currency selection

Some bookmakers might have accounts in different currencies than your primary one. From the drop down menu, simply choose the one you want. Below, you are going to see your account balance along with the value converted to your default currency.

Betting/Proxy settings

If you don't have the default web browser installed (e.g. Google Chrome), you can also select Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Some people like using a proxy server, for example when travelling abroad. You can input your Proxy IP and Proxy Port (default is 80).


Now you've gone through the hardest part. Now, we are going to teach you how to successfully arbitrage and be successful.

First, click on the blue "Open betting browsers" button. This will open your confirmed betting accounts, log you in, and update all the account balances.

Then, click on the green "Get odds" button. This will start arbitrage calculation. Since the experience is tailored to your settings, it will take a while to complete. After a while you should be able to see some arbitrages such as these:

Let's explain the list a little:

Arbitrage detail menu.

Before you place a bet, setting the right stakes is very important.

For that we've implemented a complex set of controls which will look similar to this one:

It looks complicated, so let's break it down:

Note about stakes.

For each side are two stake fields that you can use.

The 1. Maximum Bet field is used for you to type in the maximum amount you are willing to stake. Autobetting will automatically calculate the ideal stakes for both sides based on these values, and will never exceed them.

The 2. Calculated Bet field is used simply to fine-tune the stakes. Let's say we use the example above. Autobetting at first calculated 1000€ on the left side and 630€ on the right side. For the sake of simplicity, I changed the 630€ to 650€. Changing this value will have no effect on any other value.

There will be more to come soon...

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Thank you for your interest in Autobetting.

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