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Arbitrage betting guide.

Betting basics.

In this chapter you will learn the basics of how sports betting works.

Let's start with odds. If you bet on anything, a bookmaker will offer you odds on your selection. Odds are the payout if your bet is correct.

Imagine you bet €100 on home team with odds 2.5. If home team wins, you get back 250€ (100€ * 2.5). If home team loses, you will lose your entire stake (100€).

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[1-X-2] Moneyline odds

This is the simplest form of bets. You bet on either Home team, Draw or Away team. If you bet on Home team and it wins, you win your bet. Otherwise, you lose your stake.

To make an arbitrage bet, you must bet on all sides of a match. That will mean, whoever wins, you win.

[DnB or AH0] Draw no Bet Odds

It's the same as Moneyline, except with no draw option. In case draw happens, all stakes will be refunded (some bookmakers call it a "void bet").

It's important to know that some bookmakers call Draw no Bet as Asian Handicap 0 (or AH0 for short). There is no difference between these two.

[O/U] Over/Under Odds

Over/Under is a simple betting concept. You bet if total goals of a match will be Over or Under a certain number.

The number is a number ending in half such as 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 etc. This is done so it's easier to understand. (There are more complex types described below)

To put it simply, if you bet Over 2.5 and the match will end with a score 2-1, the total goals will be 3. 3 goals is higher than 2.5, so you would win your bet.

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Advanced bet types.

If you already understand the basics, it's good to know the advanced types of bets. You don't really need to understand how they all work. It's important to know how to make an arbitrage bet.

(AH) Asian handicap odds

An Asian handicap is a type of bet which has no draw option. An Asian Handicap bet consists of a number and a plus or a minus sign in front of it, such as AH -0.5 or AH +1.75. One exception is AH 0, which is only a different name for Draw No Bet described above.

In order for you to make an arbitrage bet, you need to find a handicap pair. A pair will have the same number, such as 0.5 or 1.75. Home team and Away team must have the same number, but opposite + or - signs.

An example could be: Betting on Home team at AH -1.25 and on Away team at AH +1.25.

(O/U) Advanced Over/Under odds

Aside from the standard "half goal" Over/Under odds, there are also full goal and quarter goal versions.

Full goal is essentially a full number, such as 2.0 or 3.0. If you bet on Over 2.0 and the match will have 1 goal or less, you lose your bet. If it's going to have exactly 2 goals, your stake will be refunded, and if there will be 3 or more goals, you win your bet.

Quarter goal is quite more complicated. You bet on a quarter number such as 1.75 or 2.25. If you bet on Over 2.75, you are essentially buying two bets, one Over 2.5 and one Over 3.0. So, if there will be 3 goals in a match, you win your first stake (Over 2.5) and get refunded your second stake (Over 3.0 - since it's exactly 3 goals) — meaning you win half your stake. If you bet Under 2.75, you would lose half your stake.

It's worth noting that some bookmakers display quarter goal Over/Under bets as two bets — Over 2.25 will sometimes be displayed as Over 2/2.5. These bets are exactly same. It sometimes can be confusing, so make sure you pay attention! I once made a mistake od betting Over 2.5/3 and Under 2/2.5 because I didn't pay attention.

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