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Earnings Disclaimer

Although Autobetting and its services were created to help you create an additional income, we do not guarantee any earnings.
Any figures mentioned on our site or communications are solely based on user feedback or estimates and are not in any way related to your personal experience using Autobetting. By using the site and its related services, you accept the risk that you may lose earnings.

Income levels vary between users based on a variety of factors, such as the level of expertise, the use of our platform, time constraints, among others. Individual skill level is also a key factor in arbitrage betting, so please give yourself time to learn, and your earnings could increase over time. Arbitrage betting is not a replacement for employment or a “get rich quick scheme”.

Arbitrage betting, like any gambling activity, carries some risk. Please be aware that while arbing is a great way to create an additional income, it is not always guaranteed.

Autobetting is not responsible for the way our website and services are used.

The use of any information provided by us, as well as the use of our products and services are based on your own responsibility. You agree that and its partners and affiliates are not liable for any success or failures that are in any way related to the purchase and use of our services.