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Why does autobetting exist?

A long time ago, we discovered the idea of sports arbitrage. We liked the idea of almost risk-free investing with very nice returns.

We immiedately started looking for a software for sports arbitrage. The options were too expensive and very complex. This is why we partnered together, to make the most automated and simplest to use sports arbitrage software on the planet.

Current progress.

We are working very hard on making sure every single detail is as perfect as possible. This includes intense testing and complex mathematics. We don't want to make just good software, we want to make the best software on the market.

Software development is our passion, and we will continue developing this software for as long as we possibly can.

2015 — The beginning.


After a lot of consideration and planning, the development of Autobetting has begun with a first small prototype. We were really excited to see, what this program will become.

April — June

Added a handful of bookmakers, first arbing oppurtunities came to life. This motivated us, knowing that the program works. We were later working on the user interface to be simple to use, but powerful.

July — September

Testing new, and complex algorithms. Significantly improving performance.

October — December

During those months, we reworked many of now obsolete solutions with newer and more efficent methods. The whole team spent their time learning new technologies to make Autobetting better than ever.

2016 — The basics.

January — March

New year, new way of thinking. We've decided to start fresh, from scratch. The user interface was completely redesigned to be simple and effective. Our unique arb calculator was created.

April — June

Domain has been purchased. The website had been in development since. Also, we've made a lot of tasks automated, which will speed up the development

July — September

Tremendous improvements in Autobetting's complex algorithms. We've redesigned many and made them faster and more accurate.

October — December

We are now using a completely new system, which is simpler and more flexible. We are now using multiple CPU's to process odds, making the processing time significantly shorter.

2017 — The advanced.


Our team has vastly improved the user experience of Autobetting. We've added more options to place bets on. We started implementing some basic automation algorithms and done a lot of maintenance.


Our team has vastly expanded the amount of configurable options for betting, such as advanced stake rounding or multi-currency betting. We were testing Autobetting with real money to see how well it works. So far, the results are very satisfying.


Our team had been working on speeding the program up, while making the program more secure. We've removed a plenty of inefficient code to free up space. We've rapidly decreased the program size.


We started working on betting analytics to save our customers' time from doing it manually and to graphically see their progress. We are preparing for an official launch.

We value your opinion.

Thank you for your interest in Autobetting.

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